Beginner’s Guide To VR

This web guide (approximate reading time 7 minutes) is a thorough introduction to the world of Virtual Reality (VR), covering everything from basic concepts and equipment to more nuanced topics like motion sickness and IPD. It provides valuable insights for beginners looking to explore VR technology. This comprehensive guide is for those new to virtual reality (VR). It explains the key points:

What is VR?
Basic Terminology and Concepts
FOV (Field of View)
Degrees of Freedom (DoF)
Tracking Types
Types of Experiences
Motion Sickness
IPD (Interpupillary Distance)
Types of VR Systems: Standalone VR, PC VR, Console VR
Buying Recommendations

The guide concludes with an overview of various VR headsets, including their pros and cons. Examples are the Meta Quest 2 (Standalone + PC VR), Valve Index (PC VR), PlayStation VR (PS4), and HP Reverb G2 (PC VR). Each headset is evaluated based on factors like price, tracking capability, comfort, visual quality, and specific use-cases. The guide also discusses upcoming changes to VR technology and platforms, such as Meta’s plan to change the Facebook login requirement for the Quest 2. The guide is brand agnostic. It is last updated in 2024.


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This resource has been collected as part of the TransACTION! project.