AI Keynotes lined up for M&L24

The organisers of this year’s Media & Learning conference with the provocative title ‘Back to the Future?’ are delighted to announce that one of our keynote speakers for this conference will be UX research expert Lizzy Bleumers, who coordinates the research work on Emerging Media Experiences in Thomas More University of Applied Sciences in Belgium. Lizzy will be focussing her talk on the role of AI in educational media production building on her experience and enthusiasm for supporting learning in an immersive and playful way. The second is the well-know Dutch academic Maarten Lamers, computer science researcher and lecturer at Leiden University who will be sharing his take on the AI revolution facing us in all walks of life.

Media & Learning 2024 takes place on 20-21 June 2024 in Leuven, Belgium. Both the call for inputs and registration are now open, check out our website.