Filmstro Pro V3 is a versatile, web-based app designed for creating customised soundtracks

Filmstro Pro V3

Filmstro Pro V3 is a versatile, web-based app designed for creating customized soundtracks: the new version 3 is an update to this adaptive music library, offering sound engineers and video makers the ability to tailor soundtracks precisely to their needs. The new feature allows users to modify stock music frame-by-frame, changing the music’s DNA without needing to adjust BPM or fiddle with stems. The tool enables real-time previewing and adjustment of music, significantly speeding up the scoring process. In the current version, it offers an enhanced user interface and a new audio engine. The music can be altered along three axes, which are called somewhat enigmatically “momentum, depth and power”, and it takes very little practise to learn what the user can do with these to create the type of musical atmosphere they are looking for.

The new version simplifies the process of lengthening or shortening music tracks without compromising quality, making it an invaluable tool for content creators. The addition of new tools, such as the Pen tool for key frames and improved transition presets, further refines the user experience. The intuitive interface which displays the video content side by side with the score’s soundtrack, also includes a transitions tab for refining sections. Changes can be made directly on the timeline, allowing for instant audio adjustments that align perfectly with the visual content. Global adjustments, like track length and volume, can be made quickly to complement the edit preview.

Filmstro Pro offers various subscription plans catering to different needs  starting at around 100 Euros per year and offers discounted options for students and educational institutions. More on Filmstro web site.