Kino Pro Video Camera for iPhone

Kino – Pro Video Camera

Kino – Pro Video Camera is a powerful and intuitive app for iPhone. It caters to both professional videographers and enthusiastic amateurs looking to elevate their video production. With a user-friendly interface and advanced features, it offers a significant value at a reasonable price point: 9,99 Euro.

The app’s design is both intuitive and simple, making it accessible for beginners while providing powerful controls for professionals. Automotion and instant grade features streamline the shooting process, setting Kino apart from its competitors. For non-professionals, it introduces the benefits of Log format without the complexities, while professionals can quickly set up shots and preview post-processing LUTs. The app makes filming an enjoyable experience, while finding a good balance between simplicity and powerful control when needed. Recordings can be stored under Files or Photos, which makes it easy to organise files. The app has its limitations though such as the lack of support for external microphone, limited importing of LUTs and limited grading. There is also no button for instant focus or exposure adjustments, which are features that are standard in the default iPhone camera app. Kino is a pro video camera app with a lot of potential for both beginners and pros.

9,99 Euro on App Store (iPhone only)