And it’s a wrap: Media Literacy Matters Conference, what a week!

The recent Media Literacy Matters Conference, organised by Mediawijs, The Flemish Ministry Department of Culture, Youth and Media, Media and Learning Association, CSEM, Porticus, Threatpie, and EDMO BELUX, and held in Brussels as part of the European Digital and Media Literacy Conference week, proved to be a great success. Media literacy practitioners, researchers, librarians, teachers, policy makers and professionals from across the EU and beyond gathered to exchange ideas, showcase initiatives, and explore the future of digital and media literacy.

The conference featured a diverse range of speakers, including experts from academia, government, and civil society. Topics covered included disinformation, critical trust, media literacy for all ages, the necessity of adressing minorities and vulnerable groups, and the challenges and opportunities presented by emerging technologies.

A full report on the conference, including highlights from the program and photographs, will be published in next month’s newsletter. Stay tuned!