MediaSmartOnline spotlights media literacy action in Europe 

The new #MediaSmartOnline campaign launches on 8 March 2024 in three European countries: Czech Republic, Ireland, and Poland. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness about all the media literacy actions and initiatives that are currently available for children and young people, and those who are working to upskill them (parents and caregivers, teachers and educators). It is being rolled out as part of the Better Internet for Kids (BIK) initiative, in cooperation with the Insafe network of Safer Internet Centres and the Media & Learning Association.  

The campaign is first undergoing a pilot test phase in these three European countries, and will then scale up for a full roll-out all over Europe next year. Keep an eye on the campaign official page to see how it develops!

Is there a particular media literacy initiative that you would like to be featured in the campaign? Do not hesitate to contact the BIK Team.