Welcome to our new members from the Netherlands and North Macedonia!

Our secretariat has been bustling lately, and we’re thrilled to announce the addition of two new members to our association!

Firstly, we welcome The Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and the Departement of ”Onderwijs en Ontwikkeling” (Education and Development), a renowned Dutch institution with 4000 employees and 40,000 students, offering a wide range of programs across different fields. Within the university, the OeO department ensures educational quality through collaboration with partners and is joining MLA as an organisational member. For more information: https://www.rotterdamuas.com/

Additionally, we’re excited to have The Media Literacy Network (MLN) from North Macedonia join us as a networking member. Established in 2017, MLN aims to enhance media literacy nationwide by facilitating cooperation among various entities. With its membership growing to 86, comprising public institutions, ministries, civil society organisations, and more, MLN remains open to new members committed to its mission. While initiated by the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services, MLN is a collective endeavor, and its success depends on the active participation of all members. For more information: https://mediumskapismenost.mk/?lang=en

Warm Welcome to our New Members!