Call for Research and Evaluation Evidence on Media Literacy

Ecorys has been appointed by the European Commission (DG CNECT) to carry out an Evaluation of Media Literacy initiatives in Europe. Working closely with EDMO and with key stakeholders in Europe’s media literacy ecosystem, the study team will:

  • Review the evidence base on what works to improve media literacy initiatives.
  • Identify the barriers to evaluation, and establish needs and priorities.
  • Develop and test a toolkit, to guide the future evaluation of media literacy initiatives.

The work will take place up to December 2024, including desk research, stakeholder consultations, and 15 case studies to develop and test the toolkit with key stakeholders across Europe.

The first stage of the study involves a rapid literature review. This will cover academic publications, policy studies, and independent research.

The study team is particularly interested in:

  1. Research reports documenting evaluations of media literacy initiatives, with information on the lessons learned and results.
  2. Research and evaluation literature published in European languages other than English.

If you can help and would like to flag relevant resources to be included in our literature review, please contact Flavia Colonnese, Study Coordinator, at: