Most recent Horizon report forecasts growth in mixed reality and a host of other trends

The annual EDUCAUSE report always makes for interesting reading and the 2019 edition published in February is no exception. Two long term trends were agreed by the 2019 expert panel convened from across the globe namely rethinking how institutions work and the trend towards modularising and disaggregating degrees. The increased availability of data leads the way towards the more medium-term trend of increasingly measuring learning. Redesigning learning spaces on campuses remains a short-term trend and this year the panel expanded this trend from the physical to the virtual with a future focus on the design of learning environments in extended reality.

When it comes specifically to technology, the report points to the relative short time to adoption of mobile learning and analytics technologies these days. Mixed reality is expected to be increasingly adopted by higher education institutions within the next 2-3 years and AI is still on the mid-term horizon according as the technologies and networks mature. More long-term adoptions are expected in relation to blockchain and virtual digital assistants. Download the full report.