AI, Immersion and Lecture Capture….

The draft agenda for the next Media & Learning Conference on Video in Higher Education has been published and three topics that are set to receive a lot of attention are AI, Immersion and Lecture Capture. The opening plenary session of the conference in Leuven, Belgium on 5-6 June 2019 will include both Donald Clark from Wildfire and and Rob Lipps from Sonic Foundry discussing AI and how it can be used to improve learning. We hope to bring Donald and Rob back later in the day for a discussion to tease out what exactly AI means in our context as its clear AI means lots of different things to different people.

Andreas Hebbel-Seeger from Macromedia University in Germany will share his ideas on the use of 360˚ video, AR and VR to provide really immersive learning experiences. The agenda will also include several presentations from university practitioners who will describe how they are delivering immersive learning on university budgets.

Lecture capture is now pretty common across plenty of universities in Europe, but many people argue that lecture capture simply reinforces passive and often rather staid teaching practices. Emily Nordmann from University of Glasgow in the UK will present the evidence that she has been gathering about lecture capture and learning, and will use this to formulate her advice as to where we should be aiming to go next. Emily will be joined by Mike Wald from University of Southampton who will share his ideas on how the accessibility of video for learning can be enhanced using current technologies along with the potential for AI to improve the availability of accessible media.

But the Video in Higher education conference is not just about listening to great talks, its also the place to discuss the legal issues facing educational video producers and how to exploit the possibilities of videos in creating top of the range MOOCs.

Its also where we will be discussing effective DIY practice for academic staff and creating production and support strategies for student productions that can then be used in assessment.

We will also have an exhibition which will include stands from our sponsors, Mediasite, Panopto and Kaltura as well as a pop-up stand for people taking part in the conference to demo tools and services that they have either developed themselves or which they find useful. And we have a selection of workshops where you can learn for example what it takes to create a successful educational podcast, how to use H5P tools to enrich interactivity of online videos, how to successfully use video observation in your teaching practice as well as how to give formative feedback via screencast. We also plan to include lots of opportunities for informal talks and project ideas, collaboration opportunities and lots more.

This conference is organised jointly by KU Leuven and the Media & Learning Association and includes an optional visit to the Leuven Institute for Media and Learning aka LIMEL, the cutting-edge centre where educators and students in KU Leuven find everything they need to produce high quality videos.

You can find out everything you need about taking part in the conference on our website where the agenda will continue to be updated right up to the end of May. The number of places is limited, so we advise you to register as soon as possible to be sure of your place.


Sally Reynolds, Media & Learning Association, Belgium