EdReNe seminar 26-27 April 2023, Munich and call for submissions

The Educational Repository Network (EdReNe) provides opportunities to share practice across Europe. The objective of EdReNe meetings is to nurture forums for the exchange of expertise and best practices in managing educational content in Europe. 

The upcoming seminar “New developments in media and infrastructure for schools“, will be hosted by the FWU Institut für Film und Bild in Grünwald, ”by” Munich, Germany.

Preliminary Agenda

Wednesday 26th April

  • 9.30: Arrival and Coffee
  • 10.00: Welcome and organizational matters (Andreas Koschinsky and Susanne Friz/FWU))
  • 10.30: Introduction of the FWU – 70 years for education (Susanne Friz/FWU)
  • 11.00: AI goes to school — learning about and learning with artificial intelligence (Prof. Schmid/University of Bamberg) Online
  • 12.00: Ontologies and Technical Infrastructure Supporting Learning Path Recommendations. Description: This presentation describes the development of ontologies and a proposed technical infrastructure to support learning path recommendations for the Digital Skills and Job Platform. (Elena Shulman, PhD and David Massart, PhD, D.E.Solution, Belgium)
  • 12.40: News from other countries/Discussion/open slot
  • 13.00: Lunch
  • 14.00: BayernCloud Schule ByCS– Platform for modern digital education in Bavaria (Anna Meier-Wagner and Sabrina Groß/State Institute for School Quality and Educational Research Munich (ISB)
  • 14.45: News from other countries/Discussion/open slot
  • 15.30: Coffee Break
  • 15.45: HubbS – Portal and collaboration tools for vocational education (Dietmar Hefendehl/FWU)
  • 16.30: eduCheck digital – Development of technical and legal standards for digital educational media including test procedures (Lukas Peh/FWU)
  • 17:15: end of day – dinner to be announced 

Thursday 27th April

  • 09.00: Arrival and Coffee
  • 9.30: Educational Media Infrastructure – how the projects interact (Andreas Koschinsky/FWU)
  • 10.15: Discussion/News from other countries/open slot
  • 11.00: Digital and interactive educational media: Bundesbank e-book and current FWU productions (Sebastian Freisleder/FWU)
  • 11.50: Coffee Break
  • 12.00: Trends and tendencies of state teacher training in online scenarios (Thomas Heiland/Academy for Teacher Training and Personnel Management (ALP) Dillingen)
  • 12.45: End Discussion/Summing up/News from other countries
  • 13.30: Snack – End

For more information on EdReNe (recordings and materials from the previous seminars can be found on the website).

Call for Submissions is open until 15 March (open slots are highlighted in red), please contact Dr. Susanne Friz, FWU, for more information.