Hybrid Teaching and Learning in HE workshop, 12 January

In the past 18 months, universities around the globe were pushed to think creatively how to accommodate the needs of students unable to attend face-to-face classes. While the ‘everyone online solution’ seemed daunting at first, it was in fact the mixed-mode teaching phase – some online and some face-to-face – that posed higher adaptation challenges as it needed to include what, for many, was an unprecedented degree of flexibility. In this free one-day online workshop held on 12th January 2022, we intend to bring together short presentations about hybrid teaching solutions. In particular, we are interested in the following areas:

  • Steps undertaken to implement hybrid teaching
  • Pedagogical principles underpinning the practice
  • Student voice and experience
  • Staff support and feedback
  • Plans for the future

To learn more about the workshop and to register please click here.