European Regulatory Authorities strengthen focus on media literacy

Further to a consultation phase with its members, the European Platform of Regulatory Authorities (EPRA) has approved its Work Programme for this year. Reshaped to respond to the current circumstances and the needs of its 54 members, it reflects a flexible approach welcoming collaboration and external inputs. Structured around three priority themes, the topics for this year will be: Legal & regulatory theme: Hate speech, Cooperation with national regulatory authorities from adjacent sectors theme: Focus on regulation of online platforms and Future-oriented/technology theme: Artificial intelligence. Alongside these topics, the EPRA Media literacy taskforce becomes EMIL, a further formalised and strengthened taskforce with a particular focus on the development of MIL networks. EMIL will provide inputs for this year’s key EPRA topics. Aimed at bringing together actors involved in the field, EMIL is not only open to media regulators but also to any organisation or network actively promoting or enhancing media literacy initiatives in Europe. For feedback and offers to contribute to its work programme, please contact: