Evaluating the impact of media literacy initiatives

During the recent EDMO training session on ‘Evaluating the impact of media literacy initiatives’, Professor Sonia Livingstone (EDMO Advisory Board member) discussed the importance and complexity of measuring the impact of media literacy initiatives.

The end is to improve media literacy – in people’s real lives, after the intervention is over, in ways that have positive benefits. For this, outcome measures are vital.

Throughout her presentation she underlines the need to improve media literacy for the entire population, which appears increasingly vital at this time of rapid digital innovation but also of disruption of information as we know it. It is indeed more and more urgent that we figure out how to combat disinformation through media literacy initiatives. However, as Sonia points out, to do that, it is important to know how media literacy initatives work and what are their real impact on individuals, on communities, on the digital infrastructures themselves: schools, libraries and on the authorities: politicians, policy makers…

You can read the full presentation here.