Fighting Misinformation Online Summit November 2022

The Fighting Misinformation Online summit took place on Tuesday 29 November 2022 in Brussels. This one day event started with in-person discussion sessions, around questions such as: Restoring trust: what can media, tech, civil society and government do? Should media literacy be on the school curriculum across Europe? How can quantify the effectiveness of misinformation interventions? The afternoon was broadcast live to an online audience, with plenary sessions, flashtalks promoting different Media Literacy projects, keynotes and panel discussions.

The event was hosted by Google’s Annette Kroeber-Riel, (VP, Government Affairs & Public Policy, Europe) alongside with the European University InstituteCalouste Gulbenkian Foundation and YouTube. This event is the third in of this series, bringing together European policy makers, NGOs, media organisations, academics and tech companies to collaborate and share knowledge around tackling misinformation. 

You can watch the whole event on demand here

For more information about the series and this event visit the FMO Summit page.