New White Paper on Media & Information Literacy by EKOME

EKOME, the new National Centre of Audiovisual Media & Communication in Greece, has launched its first policy paper, the White Paper on Media & Information Literacy. This paper represents EKOME’s viewpoint on its third pillar, Education, in order to set out a paradigm for a national infrastructure on media and information literacy. The paper was part of a series of awareness actions run by EKOME during the Global UNESCO Media and Information Literacy Week (25-31 October 2018). It presents an overview of the key definitional aspects of media literacy and further highlights the main priorities in the field, in order to contribute to a national strategic plan and build a constructive relationship with the creative industry. EKOME was founded by Law 4339/2015 of the Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecoms and the Media and is the new public entity in Greece for media and information literacy. You can read the full paper online. For more information please contact or visit EKOME.