TransACTION! multiplier event takes place in Leuven

Related project: TransACTION!

A workshop entitled “Co-Creating Educational Multimedia with the TransACTION! Framework” took place on 20 June, 2023, and was led by Evert Binnard and Hanne Tollenaere from KU Leuven, Belgium. The workshop offered participants a hands-on experience with the TransACTION! co-creational framework, which aims to guide teaching staff through the process of designing and producing educational multimedia. The workshop simulated actual cases contributed by the attendees, allowing them to apply the framework and its accompanying tools in a practical manner. Currently, the TransACTION! framework is in its final stages of development, and the project partners plan to make the final version available to interested parties by the end of the year. The workshop served as an opportunity to gather feedback and insights to further enhance the framework’s effectiveness.

To learn more about the project and stay updated on its progressvisit the TransACTION! page.