TransACTION! Workshop on Multimedia learning design framework

Related project: TransACTION!

The TransACTION! workshop on mutimedia learning design framework took place on Thursday 2 June during the annual Media & Learning Conference, led by Evert Binnard (KU Leuven, Belgium) & Tim Wolthman (Wageningen Research, The Netherlands). The aim of the workshop was to bring participants to reflect on pre-existing media and learning instructional design models, to discuss them and propose a new model.

During this 90 mins session, the 20 participants were first introduced to a series of five preexisting scientifically based models then divided in smaller groups, they were encouraged to think upon these models, to share between themselves experiences and case studies and draft their own co-creation framework. A new element had to be taken into account: the active involvement and collaboration of students within the drawing board. At the end of the workshop each group had to present their own framework.

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