XR ERA launches community on Extended Reality for Education & Research in Academia

Last month the XR ERA project, an initiative of the Centre for Innovation, Leiden University, had its first meetup with core contributors who are known as frontrunners. During the meeting the XR ERA team launched their Microsoft Teams channel community to exchange XR knowledge and updated frontrunners on the core concepts and current progress of the XR ERA project. Frontrunners also shared inspiring VR experiences and addressed questions like ‘What are good solutions for team building or connecting using XR in a different way than videoconferencing?

Are you interested in joining the growing XR ERA community? Then visit the XR ERA website to check out the most recent articles and to sign up for the newsletter. The XR ERA website will soon feature a ‘community updates’ section. Every month from now on there will be a themed community meeting where there will be both discussions and learning opportunities. Get in touch through xrcommunity@sea.leidenuniv.nl if you’re interested in joining the next meetup!