PrevisPro a Storyboarding App

3D Storyboarding with PREVIS

Your iPhone or iPad may not be the most user friendly import device on which you write or draw but it’s great advantage is that you (almost) always have these with you and now there is an app with which you can create 3D storyboards on your smartphone or tablet. The app is more than a full blown storyboard tool: its 2D and 3D visualisation by means of avatars, sets, props, camera, perspective and lighting simulations, help you visualise each shot next to your text input.

The app is aimed at the professional video maker: it may take a little while to get used to the interface (and obviously it is easier to work on iPad or PC than on an iPhone) but once you are used to it, it is a great tool that helps you intuitively build scenes within a sequence just by moving the camera or the characters and adding shot by shot. With the augmented reality function, you can place 2D or 3D props and characters into a real-world location on location during for example a site survey or you can import a location photo or image into Previs to build your scene on it. If you work with a script application such as Final Draft, you can import your draft script immediately in Previs to turn your script easily into a full blown storyboard. The app can also be used during the shoot to simulate alternative shots while on production.

Once the storyboard is ready, all production elements (locations, actors, props, but also camera, lenses etc) can be exported into the final detailed shot list, ready for planning and shooting.

The app can be trialled for free for one week.