LBRY block chain based resource

Block chain technology in your LBRY

LBRY is a blockchain technology-based digital content marketplace that makes an attempt at dealing with problems such as copyright, censorship, privacy, monetization and so on. The fundamental idea behind LBRY is to give the users and the creators of the content full control over the content. To do this, LBRY is built on blockchain technology. LBRY is a decentralized global content hub, where there is no external control or ownership, and the users or the author simply own the content.

LBRY supports all kind of digital content such as E-Books, songs, videos and so on, on what LBRY claims to be a completely decentralized and independent platform, built entirely as an open source project with control in the hands of the user. Using LBRY is free, you can download and install the LBRY client application (Win, iOS, Android…) on your device and access the LBRY resources through its own content browser. Depending on the fees set by the content providers you can use their content for free or for a fee which is to be paid in the crypto currency LBRY Credits. At the moment there is a good amount of content, mainly videos, but only some learning videos from e.g. Khan Academy, Veritasium, Minute Physics…

LBRY is a great idea for innovative content producers and providers who want to experiment with block chain technology and value their complete and unconditional independence highly. Whether LBRY will be a real competitor for YouTube or the likes remains to be seen but technologically speaking it is an experiment that is worthwhile following.

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