Fed up of using free library or stock music? Get Soundtrap

Soundtrap is an online music studio that you can use on your own or with colleagues, or students to record, edit and collaborate on music pieces. Soundtrap has a large collection of software instruments and sound or music loops that you can use to compose your own original soundtrack. The process is extremely intuitive, you can even collaborate with friends online while composing. Music projects are automatically saved to the cloud so you can access them anywhere and share them, collaborate on them from anywhere where you have an Internet connection. Of course a minimal of musical talent will help but with a few minutes of experimentation you will manage to create something that sounds like you know what you are doing. The instruments sound a bit artificial but even that can be used to your advantage. The application gives you lots of  loops in variety of genres, you can add and record vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, winds, synthesisers and other instruments, add effects (such a typical amp sound) etc. The integrated video conference and chat apps make collaborative work easy. Soundtrap is available as iOS app, Android app, and Microsoft app. With the trial version, you can get a long way, but only for one month. And even if you are not the new Mozart, it still is great fun. See https://www.soundtrap.com