Filmic ProV6 - Courtesy FiLMiC

FiLMiC released its all new version 6.0

FiLMiC is the leader in mobile video recording and immensely popular with mobile journalists and young or “guerrilla” video makers. FiLMiC has been around for some years now but has recently released its version 6.0 with some impressive new features that will drive your smart phone to become a professional instrument for video making that can compete with some of the dedicated hardware cameras that are around. The latest version has received an entirely new Log profile with 12-stops of dynamic range (sadly so far exclusively for one of the latest iPhone models only and in app payment required): the Pro LUT pack with LOG or Flat colour profiles allow greater flexibility in colour grading.

Redesigned interface features for all users, such as the sliders and recticles, make accurate control over focus, ISO, shutter speed and iris control much easier. Colour temperature control also is much easier to use with pre-sets for daylight, shadow, tungsten and TL light and with a lockable auto white balance setting. Impressive on a smart phone is also the monitoring option, similar to what can be found on dedicated professional hardware cameras: focus peaking, zebra, false colour and clipping overlays, histogram and wave form monitor. The version 6 update is available for both iOS and Android devices.

For new users the base software costs 12,99 Euros. Important note: not all smartphones are capable to support all functions. In order to evaluate your own phone, download the free FiLMiC Pro Evaluator app which can help you decide if FiLMiC Pro really works on your device.