Lightworks Non-linear Editor

Lightworks: Hollywood style editing

Lightworks is a non-linear editing system for editing and mastering digital video that won an EMMY Award in 2017 for pioneering digital nonlinear editing. The free version of Lightworks is intuitive for anyone who has ever used a non-linear editor: the interface looks familiar: it is divided into areas for the clip and media library, the preview windows, the timeline. The interface is much less cluttered and therefore easier to use on smaller screesn such as laptops compared to Premiere Pro, which in turn has the advantage of its adaptive interface lay out. Handy are the integration of Pond5 or Amazing Music Tracks that can assist in finding stock footage or suitable royalty free soundtracks. Another handy feature is the extensive use of keyframes that make frame accurate editing easy. Important to be aware of is that the free version will only export at 720p. But for quick and easy editing Lightworks is certainly a good choice. It is reliable and fast and rarely hangs or crashes. Free version available in Windows, Mac and Linux (renewable every 3 months) upon registration: