Non-linear editor Hitfilm Express

HitFilm Express is the free starter version of FXhome’s family of HitFilm nonlinear editors and visual effects systems. HitFilm has grown to become a very serious contender in the editing market, and the Express version gives beginners video makers a chance to get acquainted with the system before eventually investing in any one of the full-blown versions Pro or Studio. HitFilm Express is a powerful free professional-grade video-editor and VFX software that supports 2D and 3D compositing with unlimited tracks and transitions. It gives access to over 400 effects and pre-sets. Works on Mac 10.11+ and Windows 8+ (64-bit), hardware requirements are higher than for the average office computer but not necessarily prohibitive.

FXhome provides a range of video tutorials and pre-set projects to give absolute beginners a head start. Nice features are seamless switching from one tab to the next to edit in one, composite in the other and jump back to the editor without load software. Full control over the preview quality can help speed up editing processes. Matte editing, rotoscoping, grading, animation tools, 3D layers, models and particle simulations are available within the editor timeline. The editor accepts vertical video (smartphones!) with added blurry edges. Audio editing had all functionalities you expect from a professional video editor, including an excellent limiter. Spectacular (paid) options are 3D camera projection and the particle simulator (from grid patterns and fractally-warped, audio-influenced 3D forms to chaotic, physics-driven simulation). Also optional is colour correction and grading supported by layer-specific vector scopes, waveform monitoring and histograms. All this and many more features to explore gradually as you are becoming a more experienced editor.

Free download: https://fxhome.com/express