oTranscribe for transcripts

oTranscribe is a free web application for transcribing videos and audios, ideally suited for transcribing interviews but also for making transcripts for example for close captioning or subtitling. Note that this is a desktop application, it does not work on tablets or smart phones. The nice feature is that you can control the video or audio from within the text that you are writing without interrupting your typing to switch between applications. By means of short cuts you switch between your text document and your player. Functions supported are the essentials like pause, rewind and fast-forward, speed up or down, skip back wards or forwards… Also very handy is the possibility to insert time stamps in your text. oTranscribe supports the media file formats supported by the browser in which you run the application. If your browser does not support the file format of your original media, you can convert your file immediately by using the free media converter recommended by oTranscribe (https://www.media.io/) (or any other converter that you prefer. (Note: We did not test media.io yet) Also important to note is that within oTranscribe, your files do not leave the PC, so there are no security issues. Free (mac and PC) on https://otranscribe.com/