ITI Online Video Analysis

On-line video analysis

This is not so much an off-the-shelf ready-to-go software or application but an interesting tool that may be useful in your video work for education. This experimental service was developed by Vasileios Mezaris, Senior Researcher at ITI in Greece. It lets you submit videos in various formats (mp4, webm, avi, mov, wmv, ogv, mpg, flv, and mkv ) to perform a visual analysis on them: shot and scene segmentation, and visual concept detection. Submitting a video for analysis can be done by either providing its URL for an online video (most videos from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, DailyMotion, LiveLeak and Dropbox) or by uploading a local copy. The service can handle video files up to 2GB.

The complete service runs faster than real-time video processing. After fetching the video file, the service decomposes the video into shots and scenes. Shot-level concept-based annotations are then generated and the analysis results containing the video structure (shots, scenes) and the annotations are displayed to the user who can eventually perform their own concept-based search within the collection of shots. As said before, this is an experimental service but it is easy to use and works well. Contact details of the developer are on the web site: