PowerPoint presentations subtitled

PowerPoint for Microsoft 365 allows you now to present with real-time, automatic captions or subtitles. PowerPoint can transcribe your words as you present and display them on-screen as captions in the same language you are speaking, or as subtitles translated to another language. This makes presentations instantly more accessible for those that may be deaf or hard of hearing, but it also allows for providing instant access in other languages. The subtitles also allow viewers to see the presentations in noisy environments or without disturbing others in the same room. The system is very well designed with comprehensive functionalities: position, size, colour, and other appearance options for the captions and subtitles can be adjusted to each specific need. The feature requires a reliable internet connection while running your PowerPoint presentation and it is recommended to wear a headset microphone while running the PowerPoint presentation in order to ensure optimal intelligibility for the speech to text recognition and conversion application. When running the presentation, you can choose which language you want to use for the presentation and which to use for translation and captioning. For the time being the choice is between more than 20 languages, the most used European languages such as English, French, German, Spanish and Italian are fully supported, and many others are in preview (or partially supported). The application works impressively: when you use a good microphone in a quiet room with no background noise, when you pronounce carefully, it does its job very well, except of course for typically unfamiliar words and items, like names of people  of very specific professional language but improvement in this can be expected as the SR system gets better and better trained. A great tool! Free with Office 365.