StudioBinder: the ultimate production planning tool

StudioBinder is a comprehensive tool for production management, especially for the creation and management of call sheets and all that is related to planning, scheduling and resource management. With StudioBinder you intuitively create online call sheets based on standard templates provided within the tool or from your own. The standard templates in the tool are mainly for large scale TV production and feature films but they can be easily adapted to fit less ambitious productions of a smaller scale. The call sheets then can be linked to the crew and talent, to the script pages, to the planning of your shoots and to a complete production calendar. All management can be done within one tool. Scripts can be imported, and scenes reordered within the tool to create efficient schedules. The software can link to maps to receive directions to the location of the shoot, to weather data, and so on. Call times can be personalized per crew member so that call sheets can be kept up to date, modified and send to the relevant people at the right time. Roles and functions are assigned to individuals and the contact service does the rest of the scheduling by sending out the confirmations by email and/or text messages to each individual crew member or talent. The software is developed for adaptive use and can used on all devices, from smart phone to PC. Free trial here.

Image: StudioBinder