Take the Panopto Express!

Making video should be quick and easy by now, especially when you are at your desk and you want to record some demo or presentation without bells and whistles. With Panopto Express you can set up your recording studio in seconds. Of course, this is not a Hollywood studio for complex high-end productions, but Panopto Express is ideal for talking head recordings combined with a presentation or demonstration (in side by side or picture in picture mode). All that in a simple web site. All you need to record presentations or lectures is your computer and a web browser together with a webcam or additional video source, screen capture, application windows, and any other video source.

Panopto Express will automatically select a microphone when you launch the webpage, but you can adjust this selection if the one Panopto offers does not satisfy your needs. If you have more than one camera connected, you can in the same way select your preferred camera source, all super simple! Each camera connected to your computer will show up as a button in the preview area. You can select more than one camera, the first camera chosen will be set as the presenter video. Additional cameras will be added as sources for presentation materials or demonstration. In addition to that, Panopto Express gives you the option to record more than one screen, an open application or a tab in your browser. When you are satisfied with the image you have set up, press the big red button to start recording. That ‘s it; after a 5 second count down, you are on and the recording starts. As soon as you have finished just push the same button again to stop recording, and your video is ready to be shared, downloaded, even posted on Panopto, YouTube, or Google Classroom. Recording settings offer options for HD recording (and in the future 4K as well if your hardware supports it). Wonderful! And the last bit of good news: it’s free!!!