Make annotations on YouTube videos

Ever wanted to use some video posted on YouTube and tell your students what to look for specifically, or to further explain wat is being said or shown? With this online annotation tool, you can do exactly that. Put time stamped notes on any YouTube video you created yourself or that you find useful for your lessons. The annotations appear in a side bar and are clickable so that your users are directed immediately to the right sequence in the video. You can turn the principle around and have your students annotate videos and share them with you for an assignment. It works really easy: paste a YouTube link in the interface, play the video and add your annotations. Annotations can include links. Save the annotated version within (you will need a paid account) and share the annotated version with your audience. All your notes are searchable and can be exported in PDF. As a learning activity note taking can help learners focus and understand better. Good note-taking will improve active listening, comprehension and retention.