Translate with Deepl

If you are looking for an alternative to an online translation by Google Translate, you should definitely check out Deepl. Google Translate is of course convenient because it is right in your browser, but if you are sometimes not completely satisfied with Translate then you should definitely try Deepl. Most users feel that Deepl’s translations are slightly more accurate and feel more natural, but as far as I can see there is no research evidence for this comparison. Deepl, like Google, is a commercial company and therefore the free service has some restrictions: for example, texts cannot be longer than 5000 characters. You can try Deepl Pro for free for a month. Of course, there are some differences between Translate and Deepl: Translate can currently translate more than 100 languages, even some “less important” ones, while Deepl can (only?) handle about 20 languages. For frequent users, there is a desktop version available and for webmasters who want to offer automatic web translations, there is also an api.

Banner text translated with (free version) 🙂