Krita, an alternative image processor

Let’s be honest, Adobe Photoshop is still the benchmark photo and image editor, the workhorse of many imaging artists. But there are alternatives: there is Gimp, a free and open-source editor that resembles Photoshop most, but there is also Krita. Krita is another free and open-source program for digital illustration, and especially painting and animation. Maybe Krita does not have all the features or the extensive settings that Gimp and Photoshop may have, but it has some advantages too, not to mention the price: Krita is free. Krita is great choice for the occasional graphic designer: it is much easier to use and much more intuitive than other software, also of course because it has a more limited set of tools and settings, that helps. But Krita is great at basic manipulations: crop, paint, edit… Krita claims it is created by artists for artists, that is evident in the large selection of brushes and pens available: free hand drawing and painting feels almost like on real paper or canvas with the choice of tools available. Maybe Photoshop is the industry standard, but if you are looking for an easy to use and free software to do simple jobs yourself, Krita is an excellent choice, also because it can import and export files in Photoshop’s psd format. Free for Windows, Mac, Linux on