, a comprehensive online video editor, a comprehensive online video editor is an online editor, but much more than that: it does the usual basic stuff like cut, trim, add images, layers, audio, crop, but it also transcribes, adds subtitles, translates, generates images and more. All of this online, so no need to install any software, it all happens in the browser. The list of tools in the platform is endless, and a tools page makes it easy to move directly to the right tool ordered alphabetically (there are almost 400 of them) and going from Add SRT to MKV or even Flash Video editor YouTube Video Compressor or YouTube Video Speed Controller. There are some exotic tools like an Accent Generator or a Hebrew Text to Speech, but it also includes a Live Event Streaming Service or a Teleprompter tool that can be quite useful in regular video jobs. The service offers a free basic subscription but that is limited to 720p and smaller size clips, the full service is competitive with other editing suites. There are advantages and disadvantages to working in the browser, the speed of uploading large media files for example can be an issue for the professional user, but the large choice of tools and the user friendliness are certainly attractive for occasional editors who don’t have the time or energy to learn the known desktop editors.

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