Webinar on Media Literacy in Europe: Croatia

This webinar is one in a series of monthly webinars organised by the Media & Learning Association (MLA) and Nordicom which aims to support the growing number of organisations and individuals keen to help young people become more media literate.


  • Introduction to Media Literacy and Media landscape in Croatia, by Robert Tomljenović, Vice President of Electronic Media Council. Robert will provide an overview of the status of Media Literacy, its position in the education system and the relevant policy framework for media literacy. Over the past five years, the Croatian Agency for Electronic Media has, on their own initiative, become the body that initiates projects and gathers stakeholders, systematically worked on strengthening of media literacy, organize and financing media literacy projects. Robert will also present leading actors in media literacy and projects from the institutional to the civil sector. (presentation)
  • Ana Dokler, editor in chief at website medijskapismenost.hr and coordinator of Media Literacy Days will present these two regionally and internationally recognized projects – the central national portal for media literacy and the largest media literacy event in Croatia, both launched by Agency for electronic media and UNICEF Office in Croatia. (presentation)
  • Igor Kanižaj,  media literacy expert and PhD is Associate Professor at the University of Zagreb, Department for Journalism and Media Production will present the project Djeca medija, the biggest media education project in Croatia with more than 1200 workshops held for 27.000 participants in Croatia from 2011. This project was awarded with Evens Foundation Special Jury Prize for media education in 2017. He is the co-author of the first public opinion research on Media Literacy in Croatia and co-author of the Paris Declaration on Media and Information Literacy (UNESCO). (presentation)
  • Sanja Zanki Pejić, head of festival and educational programs at the Croatian Film Association; will present  Film EDUcation (Filmska naSTAVa) an interactive program designed by Croatian Film Association, for primary and secondary school students and educators. Non-professional short films of all film genres and various national cinemas, including Croatian, are available on the online platform. The platform also includes introductory videos, educational material and quizzes. The platform enables students and teachers to actively participate in the creative teaching process, provides teachers with pre-designed questions for guided discussion and is free to use. This implies the acquisition of basic film knowledge, the development of film literacy and understanding of the film language. (presentation)

News and updates on media literacy across Europe. Each month we bring you a round-up of news and information about media literacy activities in different countries including new developments, initiatives and research findings.

Moderators and hosts:  Maarit Jaakkola, Nordicom and Sally Reynolds, Media & learning Association.

Spotlight on projects and media literacy initiatives in Croatia:

  • EU Kids Online – is a multinational research network. It seeks to enhance knowledge of European children’s online opportunities, risks and safety. 
  • Mind Over Media – tools and training to analyse contemporary propaganda
  • Smart EU– is an intergenerational project providing tools, suggestions and resources to train young people, older people and also the intermediaries who work with them.
  • Utočište Hrabrih Online (Croatian) – #NoHateZone where children and youth share cyberbullying experiences, listen to each other and help each other with advice.
  • Four River Film Festival – is a festival dedicated to high school film or, in other words, film made by youth (age group: 14 – 20)
  • Children & media – a handbook for parents and guardians
  • School of Media Culture (Croatian) – learn about film, photography, radio and media from the greatest film professionals


  • Let’s choose what we watch – Beauty / Sponge / Violence– is a national campaign, which aims to raise awareness about the importance of media literacy of parents, caregivers and children.
  • Filmska naSTAVa 2020 – adapting film classes to online environment

Links to news and updates on media literacy across Europe:

  • CO:RE – a comprehensive pan-European knowledge platform offering international data on children and online media
  • Participate in our study by answering this survey “Journalistic roles, values and qualifications in the 21st century: How journalism educators across the globe view the future of a profession in transition”; for overall inquiries, contact Prof. Nico Drok at the University of Windesheim (n.drok@windesheim.nl ); for the Nordic part of the survey, contact Maarit Jaakkola, maarit.jaakkola@gu.se