TaLAI kick-off meeting

Related project: TaLAI

The TaLAI (Teaching and Learning with Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education) project, funded under the ERASMUS + programme, set its course during the kick-off meeting held on 13-14 November, 2023, at ILI-FAU in Fürth, Germany. The TaLAI project aims to address the need for innovative teaching methods in higher education that ethically integrate artificial intelligence (AI). It focuses on enhancing AI literacy and competence among both educators and students. This project serves a dual mission by benefiting national communities and contributing to teaching and learning innovation at the European level. TaLAI will create a digital platform, offer an online course, and provide policy recommendations to enhance AI integration in higher education, aligning with its goal of building academic teachers’ capacity and understanding of AI’s potential in education. More information can be found here.

Consortium: University of Erlangen–Nuremberg (coordinator, Germany), Media & Learning Association (Belgium), Universiteit van Amsterdam (The Netherlands), and Fachhochschule Südwestfalen (Germany)