MLA to launch major new project on teacher education in digital and media literacy

Related project: TeaMLit

The Media & Learning Association (MLA) is delighted to announce that its proposal to the European Media and information Fund (EMIF) called TeaMLit has been successful. As well as MLA, TeaMLit involves the following partners: Association for Communication and Media Culture (Croatia); Heidelberg School of Education (Germany); Mediawijs (Belgium); Dublin City University Institute for Future Media, Democracy, and Society (Ireland) and the Finnish Society on Media Education (Finland) as well as a host of supporting partners.

TeaMLit aims to establish a value added and sustainable network providing guidance, resources and support for European teacher educators and trainers in MIL and in so doing, to directly advance students’ abilities to tackle disinformation. TeaMLit partners will gather and share knowledge, pilot promising approaches, develop training materials and conduct a large scale multiplier campaign. The project will start shortly, stay tuned to Media & Learning Association channels for more informtion.