Overview of media literacy initiatives in EU available

A recent mapping exercise by Better Internet for Kids reveals a growing focus on media literacy across Europe. This comes amidst rising concerns about disinformation and its impact on democracy.

The initiative, conducted between September and December 2023, identified a diverse landscape of media literacy efforts involving various players, including NGOs, educators, and policymakers. These initiatives range from short-term campaigns to ongoing programs.

A key takeaway is the lack of a single, unifying definition for media literacy in Europe. This can lead to confusion and hinder progress. However, a majority of Safer Internet Centres surveyed see media literacy education as a high priority.

The findings will inform the development of an upcoming EU-wide media literacy campaign, with the goal of empowering citizens to critically evaluate information online.

Read and download the full mapping of the current EU media literacy landscape here.

Is there a particular media literacy initiative that you would like to be featured in the campaign? Do not hesitate to contact us at content@betterinternetforkids.eu