Ardour, a digital audio workstation (courtesy: Ardour)

Ardour, a digital audio workstation

Ardour is a hard disk recorder and digital audio workstation application suitable for professional use. It is an almost unlimited audio recording tool, only limited by the hardware it runs on, the software itself is quasi unlimited. That means that it can do multitracking also on top of existing audio material, with audio effects such as latency compensation, while providing extensive (self)monitoring options or adding plug-in effects to the signal while recording in real-time. With Ardour the user has no difficulties to monitor while recording even while playing back at the same time which is a typical issue when recording directly on a computer via a sound card. Ardour has an unlimited number of tracks and buses through an “anything to anywhere” routing system. All gain, panning and plug-in parameters can all be automated. Editing on Ardour allows for all necessary operations, such as layering, moving, trimming, splitting, time-stretching and cross-fading recordings. Ardour has unlimited undo/redo and a snapshot feature for storing the current state of a session to a file for future reference. The output can be mastered or exported from within Ardour to all professional and broadcast audio standards.

Available (against donation) on in English for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux