Capturing your screen with RecordCast

RecordCast is a straightforward tool for recording video and audio from your screen, nothing more, nothing less. No need to download or install, no need to register… RecordCast is an extremely handy and quick tool to produce flipped-learning lessons, tutorials, training and presentation videos without the need for special skills in capturing and editing videos: open your browser, go to and click Start Recording… the application gives you the option to select the screen or part of your screen, the browser window or the application window to record. Audio can be recorded from your microphone so that you can make instant voice over comments for example to create a tutorial. Alternatively, you can record the audio from your system or from the application you are capturing.

After recording, the application gives you the option to download the recorded video on your desktop (so that you can edit and share the video with the application or service of your choice) or you can edit the video instantly with the browser based FlexClip editor: very basic but more than sufficient for what you may want to do as a novice: cut, split, and crop, highlight, draw on screen, add titles, text, music or transitions… The final result can be shared directly from the editor. Neither RecordCast nor FlexClip need any external software and therefore works on all computers, preferably with a Chrome bowser. No registration is needed. Recordings are limited to 10 minutes. A mobile application is expected to be launched soon.

Oh, and did we say it is free?