Stable Audio, an AI powered music generator

Cheap trick: music by AI?

Stable Audio, developed by Stability AI, is an AI-powered music generator designed to stimulate your musical creativity finding music for your video, it can help you draft musical concepts that you have in mind and share them for example with your inhouse composer to give them ideas on how the score sounds in your head. This tool can be used both commercially (Pro users can use the music directly in their commercial or external productions) and non-commercially (Basic users).

It can produce music tailored to specific needs, allowing users to specify genres, moods, instruments, and even BPM, ensuring the output aligns perfectly with the project’s tone or mood. Stable Audio’s detailed prompt system offers a high level of customization. You can create a full instrumental track, individual stems, or even sound effects like car noises or fireworks, footsteps etc. In advanced mode, you can input some music to “inspire” the generator and then modulate parameters such as input strength control, audio quality, and multiple tracks, making it almost usable for professional projects. Free to use for non-commercial use with limitations.