H2R Super Graphics for Video

H2R Super Graphics for Streaming Video

H2R Graphics is a spectacular but simple to use application for showing lots of different graphics on your video production. The application runs on your PC and has two main components: a  control window and an output window. The output logically is the one that you send to your video input, and from there you can mix it as you prefer with the rest of your video production, which is the simple straightforward part. The graphics composition, editing and control is all done on the control window, logically. Your graphics project starts in the control window, where you control the visual elements, the inputs, also data inputs, the graphics, fonts and styles. Compose your captions  and graphics, browse to the output URL and there is your display… and the nice thing about it is that you can compose in one location while you can display or produce with your graphics on the other side of the world, because you get an output URL that you can enter into your production system (ATEM, OBS, vMix). H2R is a super tool for graphics integration in your vMix or OBS or other streaming production suite, especially for integrating live content such as comments from YouTube or other data in csv which makes it ideal for recording of dashboard like data straight over video. A trial version is available for Mac and Windows. The paid Pro version adds moving credits, rolls etc. all the graphics elements you can dream of and importantly multiple outputs which is a handy feature for stage timers, team monitors etc.