Zello Intercom over IP

Zello, “Intercom” over IP

Zello is not really an IP intercom, unlike Unity which is a genuine intercom solution, which even interfaces with hardware intercom solutions. Zello is a push to talk solution that runs on smartphones or laptops, and in that sense, it can compare with walkie talkies. It can be extremely useful as an intercom solution especially for real distributed productions: recently we produced a multisite live production across three countries in non-studio environments and used Zello, we did not have to worry about getting infrastructure support in order to connect all four sites. Zello functions as an instant communication app to exchange short audio or text messages. Audio messages work like traditional two-way radio, walkie-talkie style. You can talk one-on-one or in a channel with a group of people. You can create multiple channels easily. Text messages are kept so that you can review the history, you can replay audio messages. Zello works on PC (Mac and Windows) as well as on mobile devices (Android and iOS) and supports Bluetooth devices such as headsets. Trial version free for 30 days