Controlling complex show rundowns on a device of your choice with Central Control

Controlling complex show rundowns

Central Control is software that allows you to use a large and growing number of existing control surfaces to control whatever software you want to control (and that is supported by the software for the time being). It allows the use of an interface of your choice, for example a joystick or a streamdeck, to control whatever device or program you like, even when they are not designed to work together in the first place. That way you can for example control vMix with a hardware switcher like the NewTek Tricaster or Black Magic ATEM: Central Control takes the control inputs and routes them to vMix. Same for MIDI interfaces to switch your video and your audio from the same control surface. You start by adding and configuring devices to a Central Control project. Projects can be saved and recalled. A show rundown can be created in Excel or Google Sheets, and then accessed and executed. With Central Control and supported devices, remote instances can be controlled in the cloud as if they were running locally, for example an autocue can be remotely operated. Controller types are for example buttons, faders, encoders, displays, VU meters or frame Sources It takes a bit of learning but once you get going, the tool has no limits. (Windows 10 only, 1 month free trial period)