NVIDIA: AI is coming to a screen near you…

Fast development in processing power especially on the GPU has led to remarkable developments. You may have seen the restoration of a short, grainy 1896 film of a train arriving in a small French town. By means of open-source software and AI models a Polish developer managed to upscale it to 4K resolution and smooth its jerky motion from 15 frames per second to 60 fps. He even managed to add realistic colors to other old footage. All this still requires skills, hardware and software that are not within everyone’s reach yet but some future applications are beginning to show on the horizon, for example an AI powered cloud editor that will allow you to clean up old VHS recordings or automatic sorting and categorization of images and videos for storage and retrieval. Look at this video of what may be in the development pipeline.

But before that, already some first practical applications are starting to show, for example the NVIDIA Broadcast App. This application that uses the power of your NVIDIA GPU (if you have one that is) can help to eliminate unwanted background sounds in screen recordings (like keyboard strokes), blend in backgrounds perfectly, or reframe images when you move. Download for free (works only with the recommended NVIDA GPUs)

(image: NVIDIA)