THE Future Café

THE Future Café is organised by the Media & Learning Association as a place to brainstorm, to discuss the bigger picture and to share ideas for making long-term sustainable changes involving technology that can help to move universities forward, to fulfil their potential for supporting dynamic and effective teaching meeting the needs of 21st century learners.

For decades, many people have been saying that changes in (higher) education are necessary and inevitable. But of course, nobody knows for sure what needs to be done and, more importantly, how to do it.  Up till now, change has been slow and sporadic with many universities looking, and operating, in much the same way as they have for hundreds of years.

COVID has pushed everybody into emergency teaching mode. Online learning is increasingly the norm but the take-up is often quite chaotic, relying on once-off interventions and support and it is difficult to see how it will be sustained in the future. Furthermore this type of emergency online teaching is increasingly seen as second-best, with many people waiting and hoping for the days when ‘normal’ teaching can begin again. There is a danger that if we are not vigilant, the opportunities and affordances that technology supported and enhanced teaching offers will be swept away  as everyone gleefully returns to the ‘old ways’ once this pandemic eventually passes.

Welcome to THE Café!

The format of THE Café is simple, on the last Friday of the month we open a meeting space called THE Café (The Higher Education Café) for members and those interested to join for an hour from 16:00 to 17:00 CET. We invite a different moderator each month to propose a theme to start the conversation. 

We look forward to seeing you there – bring nothing but your ideas, your desire to connect and your wishes for how you think universities should operate in the future. No presentations, no registrations, just an open door to engaging and thought-provoking conversations. 

You bring your drink of choice, we supply the conversation!